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Ship Repair

Repair of river units

-Repair all types of Nile ships.
-Lifting and repairing cruise ships on a mechanical elevator with a capacity of 1700 tons and dimensions up to 75 * 16 m and a garage yard for 10 ships and can be dealt with at one time. 
By entering the ship for repair by the Nile Shipyard, it gets the following advantages:
-The location of the arsenal near the cruise ships.
-The best and best methods of repair.
-The shortest repair time.
-Unbeatable repair prices.
-Service 24 hours a day.
-Floating repair shop.
-Fixing units left on the docks and repairing ships at their locations along the Nile.
-A distinguished and world class repair experience as one of the shipyard of the Suez Canal Authority company.
-Accommodation for the owners or their representatives, as well as the crew.
-The number of 604 cruise ships lifted from startup in 2003 until 2019.
-Nile cruise ships have been repaired by the docks since their inception in 2003, with a total number of 230 ships.