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29 October 2020

Canal Ropes Company signed "MOU" with the Norwegian company "STERNER"

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In implementation of the directives of President "Abdel Fattah Elsisi"

Lieutenant General "Osama Rabie" witnessed the signing of (MOU) with the Norwegian company "Sterner" to establish a group of closed unit system (RAS) fish farming factories to produce 25 thousand tons annually


This comes in implementation of the directives of President" Abdel Fattah El-Sisi", President of the Republic, to strengthen the bonds of joint cooperation between Egypt and Norway in all fields.

Lieutenant General "Osama Rabie" explained that the authority is keen on adopting projects with added value to diversify sources of income and support the national economy, pointing to the importance of the project in enhancing food security from animal protein on the one hand and matching the standards necessary for export abroad and providing a source of hard currency on the other hand

The Chairman of the Authority emphasized that the selection of the Canal Company for ropes is a new addition to the company's activity as part of the restructuring efforts of the Authority's companies aimed at maximizing the benefit from them and the material and human capabilities it possesses, through an integrated business strategy concerned with the optimal management of assets, business development, and capital development, by adding new activities for companies. In various fields, activating and developing the external marketing department in companies to match the companies operating in the local and global market.

For his part, Mr. BJarne E. pettersen, Chairman of the Norwegian company STERNER, affirmed that the cooperation with the Suez Canal Authority is promising as he sensed a real desire to activate the terms of the contract and turn them into a tangible reality, expressing his readiness to provide the necessary support for the success of the most promising project of its kind in Egypt.

The (MOU) was signed by Engineer "Hossam Eltrabily" Chairman of the Board of Canal Ropes Company

And Mr" BJarne E. Pettersen" Chairman of the Board of the Norwegian Company