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14 December 2020

Admiral Osama Rabie

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SEATRADE awards Lieutenant General Osama Rabie the Distinguished Achievement Award as the most influential figure in the field of maritime transport in 2020.


The annual celebration of the "SEATRADE" Exhibition and Conference for Maritime Transport, today, Monday, witnessed the honoring of Admiral Osama Rabie, Chairman of the Suez Canal Authority, by granting him the Outstanding Achievement Award in the region of the Middle East, Africa and the Indian subcontinent in 2020, for his efforts in supporting international initiatives of solidarity with the crews of navy which is stucked due to the emerging coronavirus (COVID_19) crisis.
The SEA TRADE Maritime Sector Awards represent an international platform to honor outstanding contributions and pioneering achievements in the transport and shipping sector. 

The annual celebration is held this year via "video conference" technology, given the exceptional circumstances related to the emerging coronavirus pandemic.
The Outstanding Achievement Award granted to Osama Rabie is one of the important prizes that SEA TRADE provides to the most effective and influential individuals in the maritime transport industry. "COVID_19" on the shipping industry.

In his speech, Admiral Osama Rabie, Chairman of the Authority thanked the organizers of the SEA TRADE Conference and Exhibition for the Middle East, the Indian Subcontinent and Africa for choosing him to obtain this award, which is a culmination of the effort made by the authority's management and its employees over the course of a year, to work to enhance the role of the channel in support of trade movement Global supply chains and maritime transport activities despite the exceptional circumstances imposed by the emerging coronavirus pandemic.

Admiral Rabie affirmed that the Suez Canal has succeeded in managing the crisis, reducing its negative effects, and dealing with complete flexibility with its various challenges by taking several measures, most notably the provision of a package of reductions and incentives to encourage the transit of ships and attract new shipping lines in light of the decline in global trade indicators and the rates of trade exchange.

The head of the authority stressed that the Suez Canal spares no effort to serve the global maritime community, as it had the lead in solidarity with the calls and initiatives of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to help solve the problem related to the replacement of crews suspended due to the pandemic by granting passenger ships carrying crews a reduction of 15% to support the initiative in addition to responding to the requests of a number of shipping lines and agencies by granting a 50% reduction in the rental fees of marine units used to transport marine crews from ships to the docks and vice versa, in addition to providing transit and pilotage services for affected ships, including the crossing of the Italian vessel "COSTA DIADEMA." Through a remote mentorship process for the first time in the channel's history.


The celebration program included announcing the prizes, during which the word recorded for the winners was broadcast and a brief biography of each of them was presented.5812572f-761c-41f3-bd14-44ae402bce87.jpg