Chairman message

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- In line with the state policy aimed at rationalizing the uses of the Nile water and making it available for plant and crop crops, as well as the existence of a food gap in the fish sector between local consumption rates and the volume of annual fish production, the state has alerted quickly to fill this gap and has expanded in Marine farming projects initiated by the Suez Canal Authority through the establishment of the Suez Canal Aquaculture Company....

- The project was based on exploiting part of the Agency's sedimentation basins east of the canal to create the company farms which became one of the major companies specializing in the cultivation of Marine fish (Sea Bass, sea bream, meagre, shrimp and Eels) as well as mullet and tilapia family fish at prices proportional to the average income of the Egyptian citizen and the export of surplus domestic consumption to the Arab and foreign markets.

- Today, more than five years after the establishment of the company, I had the honor of assuming the responsibility of the company's chairman at an important and influential stage for the development of the company with the continued cultivation of the company's farms in the various cultivating works, asking the mullah to agree with me with my colleagues and my children in the company to achieve the desired goal in order to raise our beloved Egypt and that I invite you all to visit the company's farms in the area east of Antara on the beloved land of Sinai, so as to take stock of the various production stages and ensure the application of all the standards of quality - vital safety - and the integrity of the handling and processing procedures.

- I extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to the President of the Suez Canal Authority for his continuous support and interest for the permanent development of the company, in order to reach its appropriate local and high position.